BELGRAND Premium LED City Light

LED City Light

Step closer to the audience

They are designed to look modern, slightly taller than the average person, with the aim of being at eye level for viewers to be more noticeable and for customers to have better contact with the product.
Ideal positions are in pedestrian zones, shopping centers, or near public transport stations.

Cloud managment

Centralized management from your office.

Cloud technology enables control and management of the entire network of City Lights from any location.

Premium design

The modern and sophisticated design of BELGRAND City Light is tailored to contemporary aesthetic standards, providing urban cores with a futuristic appearance.

BELGRAND Premium LED City Light

Tempered glass

The Premium City Light equipped with tempered glass offers exceptional durability and resistance to external impacts.

Ultra high brightness

Thanks to its high intensity of brightness, our LED Display delivers bright and vibrant colors, deep contrasts, and sharp details, creating an incredible visual experience. Experience content display that will mesmerize you, regardless of the strength of sunlight!

Ultra High brightness LED screen
Auto brightness

Automatic brightness adjustment

The light sensor enables automatic adjustment of the lighting levels according to environmental conditions.

Your logo is welcome.

You have the opportunity to place your logo on our LED City Lights, thereby strengthening the visibility of your brand.

LED Display City Light custom logo
Phone management LED Display

Phone management

The mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices.

Double protection

The combination of cold galvanizing and plasticization provides a double barrier against corrosion and external impacts. With these techniques, BELGRAND City Light will retain its appearance and functionality for many years, even in demanding outdoor conditions.

low vs high refresh rate LED display

Take a great photo of the advertising campaign.

A high refresh rate enables the content displayed on the LED screen to appear perfect without flickering in photographs or videos.


The City Light construction is adapted for optimal compatibility with both types of screens – LED and LCD. This universal adaptability allows flexibility in choosing the technology according to specific needs and user preferences.

LED display City Light mobile portable base

Portable base

The possibility of a portable base eliminates the need for construction work. It provides simple and fast installation, reducing costs and the time required for setup. Additionally, this mobile option allows flexibility in placing City Lights at various locations or relocating them as needed, adapting to changes in the urban environment.

FSB - Premium Series

Most advanced LED DISPLAY on market!

Pixel Pitch: P2.5 / P2.9 / P3.91 
Brightness: 6000+ cd/m2 
Refresh rate: ≥ 3840Hz